The betting systems can be described as organized strategies that lower both the house advantage in online and land-based casino. They differ from strategies that are used for casino games. This is about managing your funds well, making a profit, avoiding losses, and ensuring that you can recover any lost money. Below are the most well-known and widely used betting systems.


The paroli betting method, also called the “double your bet” system, allows players to double their winnings each time they win. A player who wins a bet of $5 should make a second bet of $10. Every wager must be placed twice until the streak ends.

In the event that the player loses the bet, the other person can simply go back to their initial betting. Anti-martingale allows players to take advantage of their winning streaks or “hot hand”. If the odds don’t work out in their favor, players can easily reduce their losses 해외배팅 원화입금.

Dopey experiment

Dopey is one of most discussed betting strategies. It is not the only way to guarantee winning. Andres Martinez, its creator, says that this system is designed to let you enjoy the game of roulette. What is the secret to it?

Your budget should be broken down by the number of players, which is 35. This means that if the budget allotted is $140 then it should be split into 35 portions. Each wager is valued at $4. After that, the players will need to place their bets in a specific number or color 35 times. What’s the point of this experiment? The goal is to have fun while not exceeding their bankroll.


Labouchere, which is often referred to as another version of the martingale systems, can also be called “cancellation method”. It is also known as the cancellation system.

Labouchere allows players to pick a number sequence and subtract the first and the last digits for the bet amount. To determine the original bet amount, players will need to add the first and last digits of each series (e.g. 5,6,7/8,9, and 9). For the second bet, it is determined using the same method. The sum of a 6, 8 and 14 is 14. Thus, a 6 and 8 gives a sum of 14.

If a player loses, he or she does not have to increase his/her bet. But, the loser doesn’t have to add another number and continue the pattern. In the following example, you can see that the 10th number must also be part of the series. The number 10 should be added to 5 as the first digit. This will result in a first wager of 15.

Roulette is also possible with Labouchere.


Martingale is the best known betting system that lowers house edges. It is very simple to follow. Members need only to increase their stakes in the event of a loss. This is a system that helps players recover from losses and gain more from winnings.

These betting strategies are but a small selection of other betting options. There have been many different methods over the years. While some may like them, others might not. The only thing that could work online in casinos is being able to keep a budget within the allotted limits.

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